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Headline Font not rendering correctly. Ver7.1

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I am new to squarespace but not new to designing websites, I have been doing it for quite a while now.

On this first experience I am finding my way to adjust to its limitations and understand how this works.

However, now I have a problem that I am not sure how to solve: The headlines of my site are sometimes not rendering using the correct font: Neue Hass Grotesk. The only way I can fix the issue is going to the config mode/design/fonts, when I am in that section of the config mode the site fixes the issue, however if I move away from that mode there is a big chance it won't load the correct font and will default on the next one.

Any one had an issue like this before?


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I'm seeing this too with one of my sites on 7.1: https://baltimoremovement.org/blog

The blog post headings and excerpt should render in FF Meta Correspondence Pro, but it falls back to this serif font every time I move away from the Font selection screens. There's a bad stylesheet somewhere overriding the font-family for these and other entries (like the Donate button in the menu). When I try and edit the fonts and switch back to FF Meta, it looks correct in the preview until I click Save, at which point it renders in the wrong font again.

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Following! The same issue is happening to me — so frustrating. I just messaged Squarespace Support with some screenshots. Hopefully they respond soon. If you find a solution, please let me know!

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