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Automatic language recognition




I hope I am writing under the right topic. My company is about to publish our new website. We would like for it to automatically recognize the language of the visitor and switch to that one. How can I do that?


Thanks for the help,


Tena! :)

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A solution that allow some sort of user locale recognition would require custom scripting. 

A few tips/words of caution

  • Although it is possible to translate the language of most pages the ecommerce checkout and the wording of any emails sent by the system can only be in one of several default languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and (I think) Italian.. ..there could be more).
  • Automatic translation software can be very bad so I would advise choosing the key languages you want to support and concentrate on getting good quality translations made by a professional translation agency.
  • Automatic language detection is not going to be 100% accurate. There are public free/cheap APIs that allow pretty reliable location detection. However,  it's not always possible to deduce the users language from their location. Take Canada and Belgium where there are multiple languages spoken, or even the USA which has a significant Hispanic heritage population.  For this reason you can guess at the user's language but should always provide a mechanism for changing to a different language. 

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Hi Tena

I'm in the same boat. Unfortunately I don't have much skills on this type of thing. Did you get it set up and what did you use? Any further information greatly appreciated. It would be fantastic to have a look at your site please.

Best regards


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