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Redirect Shop Button to Hidden Page


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Hi there. I've just changed my template from Montauk to Brine. On Montauk, i had a little custom code that enabled me to click on the 'shop' button and have that redirected to an unlinked page (basically a categories page that I had created) Originally on Montauk, when you clicked 'shop' it took you nowhere and only opened up the dropdown categories.

Since changing over to Brine, this link doesn't work and clicking on shop just takes me to my first product page. The code still looks as though it's in there. 

Any ideas on what i can do to get it working again?

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This was the code that worked with Montauk up until I changed template earlier today...


  $(function() {
    $('.main-nav li a').each(function () {
  if ($(this).text() == 'Shop') {

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Great question! I have a similar one..

Colin, is there a script I can use so that  an "add to cart" (.sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper) button does nothing when clicked on (ie. does not add anything to a cart or change text)? I'd like to change the text on these buttons to "Please Call ##" and make them unclickable.

Thank you!!!


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