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How to apply custom CSS classes

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Target object class/id with Inspect Element, then add CSS to Home > Design > Custom CSS


Email me if you have need any help (free, of course.). Answer within 24 hours.

How to: Setup password & share url - Insert Custom CSS - Page Header - Upload Custom Font - Upload File - Find Block ID - Contact Customer Care - Learn CSS - Custom Popup - Testimonial Slider

I'm Tuan, blogger/owner of a free library for children in Vietnam. Helping the community is a hobby. Contact me via email.

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Thanks tuanphan,

I'm not sure I understand. I know I can inspect elements and add CSS classes to them, but how do you save it? As soon as I refresh the page, the class disappears from the element.

This is what I have as my custom CSS:

.xxx {
    color: green;

How do I add xxx to a <span> element permanently?

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59 minutes ago, Gibran said:

You mean by injecting javascript code?

No. Generally, there are two ways to customize page elements with CSS.

  1. The method @tuanphan is describing (inspect a Squarespace element and find the class already assigned by the system or template, then override or add styles to that specific class in Design -> Custom CSS)
  2. Add your own custom class with styles in Design -> Custom CSS and then add a Code Block containing the HTML with your custom class assigned.
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