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Any update on Linkedin connection issue?

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On 10/28/2019 at 4:39 PM, ddowneybes said:

I can not connect linkedin account to site. authentication failure everytime

Having the same issue all week.  Tried to connect LinkedIn account so as post blog entries to LinkedIn automatically.  Any idea what gives?

I just get this:

https://first-lastname.squarespace.com/auth/ExternalAuthenticationComplete?authRequestId=Q_xC1huqETfDRAPhJStPad0IyXeWNZzmrdUECTnI  (HTML)


"Something went wrong."



Edited by JabbaJabbaDo

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I'm experiencing the same thing. New user... created and published my site successfully but when I went to edit a page I was booted and now can't log in at all. Did I make a poor choice going with Squarespace?

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I also can't get my LinkedIn business profile link to work.... it just keeps saying, page not found. 

Is there an update on this issue or any other help available?

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