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Domain from Squarespace; want it in my URL

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Last evening, before subscribing to Squarespace, I purchased my domain from Squarespace for $20. Then in the Trial mode, I spent several hours developing my sight... pretty intuitive. Like what I have. I'm not tech-savvy on websites, domains, etc. (that's why I chose Squarespace). How do I get my newly purchased domain to be the URL instead of the temporary one that came with the trial. I have watched several of your videos looking for the answer. Need help. Can't get the live chat to work. There are references to email but no email address given that I can find. HELP 🙂

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If you purchased it with the same account then it should automatically be link. May I ask what domain you purchased so I can see if it has been set-up?

Regarding the one 'temporary' one, this is not temporary and is the URL you will use when you log into your website and make changes. Your users won't see or be directed to this URL but you will edit your website using this url. For example my website is thompsonweb.design but my builtin Squarespace URL that I edit my website on is thompsonwebdesign.squarespace.com.

I have linked to a support document that explains the builtin domains and how they work, along with how you can change it.


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