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Bedford page margins - too much white space - how do I adjust the padding??

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Hi everyone,

I recently moved my site to Bedford because I liked some of the features, but it's created a couple of new headaches. 

Does anyone know how to remove the huge about of white space / padding in the margins of pages? I cannot find anything in the site styles and it does not appear when I am editing... it is hidden when I edit but then when I save the page and go see the page via our URL, everything on the page seems really small because there is such a big white margin.

All suggestions appreciated!

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In Bedford the #page part of the layout (under the full width banner) has a maximum width setting as well as padding. 
These can be controlled by adding the following to your custom css, after any other code that may be there. 

#page {
    max-width: 1020px !important; // 1020px is the default size
    padding: 96px 32px !important;  // First number is top & bottom, second is left & right  Defaults are 96px and 32px

Once inserted you can tweak the max-width and padding values. I've inserted comments so that you can see what the default values are. 

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I got it!! But if there is a better way let me know.


#collection-5db850a64754fa5a64ad4b96 #page  {
    max-width: 25020px !important; 
    padding: 96px 32px !important;  



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