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Limitations of SquareSpace

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Hi, I have tried another website builder (WIX) and they have a limit in the size of a PDF document of 25 MB. In the site that I want to develop, I have several PDF documents to be linked in the site. The larger documents are around 35 or 40 MB.

My question is that, is there a limitation in the size of documents that I can link as PDF. But more importantly, are there limitations of the services that SquareSpace provides? I would like to know that before subscribing to it. Thanks.

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The maximum file size that you may upload to Squarespace is 20MB.


For more general limitations, every platform has them. Wix for example doesn't really provide responsive templates which can hurt your SEO as Google factors mobile usability of your website into its ranking. A good place to start is to look at the pricing page on the Squarespace website which broadly lists out what Squarespace can do.


Please let me know if you have more specific requirements that you are looking for in a website platform and I can tell you if Squarespace is the right choice or not.

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