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Jasper - Keep Original Height of Thumbnail Image?

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I am looking to do something that seems very simple to me, but I'm about 3 days in to try to solve this already and I need some help.

I'm redesigning my website and using the Jasper template.
Overall, this is the best template for what I'm trying to accomplish, but it will not allow me to keep the original proportions of the thumbnail image on the index page. It trims all heights to be the same. 

I want to go from this:



To this:


I've spoken to Squarespace Support, and they couldn't help.

There is an option to uncheck "Crop Image" within Site Styles, but everything shrinks to an unusable size when I do uncheck it:



Flatiron has this feature built in, but I'm not a fan of the level of customization within Site Styles allowed, and there doesn't seem to be a way to add spacing between the thumbnails. 

Any help would be incredible.

Thank you!


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For Jasper you can't achieve that layout using a gallery page. 

You could use a normal page with a gallery block, but it won't be full bleed to the browser window edges. However, custom coding can achieve that part for you. 

Can I suggest you make the page with gallery block part and then come back here for advice on making it full width?

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ah bummer! 

As I mentioned, Flatiron's index page already has this feature built it, but the images are flush against each other. 


Do you know if there is a way to space them out in that template?


Thank you!



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