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HI I want to switch my current template to the Walrus-Cheetah template but when I follow switching template instruction the template I want cannot be located in all the templates available. Yet, when I go into a trial template the range of templates has the template I want. I have just started building my site deacononline.com and just want the domain on the Walrus Cheetah template


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So from the screenshot it looks like you're using version 7.1 of Squarespace and unfortunately you can't switch templates with version 7.1. If you would like to switch to a version 7.0 template then you will need to start a new trail. I have linked to a support document below which should help explain which template is in which version of Squarespace.


If you see an answer that was helpful please consider hitting the 121238226_Screenshot2019-11-02at14_53_39.png.0416997a5e856e0159fa1edbd624659e.png button on the right. 

Need help with your website or online store? Feel free to get in touch.


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Thanks I am awaiting reply from Squarespace, I find it odd I have to cancel a subscription and await a refund on a site only 8 days or sol old that I created by mistake then reenter CC details and pay again until my refund. Thanks for your great reply and advice. (links too) Brad 

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