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Would like some feedback on my new website

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Hi @mcskin45, congrats on your new site! You have some lovely work. I agree with @ThompsonWebDesign that adding a value proposition to your homepage would be helpful. Just a sentence or two stating wh

Hi there,

I think in general your website has a very good flow and is clearly presented. The only feedback that I really have is:

  • You homepage doesn't say what you do, with the first image you showed I thought that maybe you were an electoral advisor of some sort or worked in politics. Maybe something simple like a tag line under your logo or even just some text under or over the images. Have you considered putting your demo reel on your homepage instead and have it auto play? I feel like that would say what you do more then the current images do.
  • That leads me onto my next one, I would also consider putting Reel within the Work folder. It would just help clean up the navigation menu and create a more concise feel to your website as it seems almost out of place. Now I don't fully know your background or what is most important for your line of work so having your Reel separate may be beneficial to you, but again I would consider setting it up on your homepage. 
  • In your Photography and Fine Art pages there are no captions or descriptions to go along with the images which is present with the example on the Motion page. The images speak for themselves but it would be nice to know a little bit more about them.

But great work!

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Hi @mcskin45, congrats on your new site! You have some lovely work. I agree with @ThompsonWebDesign that adding a value proposition to your homepage would be helpful. Just a sentence or two stating what you do: A Photography and Animation Studio in Long Island NY. Also agree that putting Reel in the Work dropdown makes sense.  Overall, I'd recommend more words to describe what you do and the work you are trying to attract. A social proof banner of logos might be a nice touch as well. 

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@ThompsonWebDesign @christyprice Thank you for the feedback on my site.  I agree with everything mentioned.  A little background on what I do.  I am a motion graphics artist and I do photography on the side.  So having my demo reel auto-playing on the home page would make sense.  Placing the reel link in the folder will definitely clean up the navigation.  I will add a tag that explains what i do underneath my name as well.  When building this site, i came across a problem I couldn't solve.  I have my social media icons on the navigation on top of the page.  When viewed in mobile, I lose them.  I was looking to put them in the mobile menu (inside the hamburger icon) but was never able to find a solution.  Was wondering if anyone had a solution to that.  What I did was I placed them in the contact page on the bottom when seen on mobile.  That is a temporary solution until i find a permanent solution.  I am using brine template.  A solution to this would be appreciated. 


Thanks again for the feedback!  I appreciate it very much!

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