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Getting Email List Quality Error on Import, List is 100% Opt-In Valid Emails

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I'm really lost for what to do here, and this is happening with several examples of email lists in csv format.


This list has addresses that may cause high bounce rates and spam reports. Remove any fake, invalid, and improperly formatted addresses, and ensure you have consent to mail everyone on your list.

I am trying to import a CSV of email signups that were people who came directly to a landing page and entered their information in order to receive ticket presale notifications. All of the emails are valid (I even recognize a handful of them) and are 100% voluntary signups of people who engage with our business.

Additionally, there are a few I am importing from venues we work with. They are lists on which people opted into marketing communications. As for the quality of these email addresses, they MUST be real and valid and properly formatted - these are emails the customer used to receive order confirmations and tickets in order to attend an event.

So in all of these cases, I get that error message, which is making me entirely regret migrating from MailChimp to SquareSpace for this part of our business. I get that spam and quality of email lists are a thing, I just can't think of a better example than voluntary signups by people who are clearly real individuals?

I need a rather urgent resolution on this or else I will have to go back to MailChimp, so any help is appreciated!

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Hi @dylanmaustin, that sounds frustrating! Does Campaigns allow you to move forward with the email import? If so, Squarespace will automatically clean your list after your first email blast, removing any emails that bounce. If Campaigns is not allowing you to import the emails, you should reach out directly to support and they can help you further.  

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I'm afraid I don't have any ideas, as I haven't come across this particular error before. I'd love to know what Support says, though. Could you post their response here in case someone else runs into this issue?

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