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Creating a "Cover Page" with embeddable code


Hey everyone,

So I've been driving myself mad trying to figure this out. What I want to do is very simple but I can't seem to get it working. I just want a page on my site that has no navigation, just an embedded twitch stream that will play when we are live and then a link to the rest of the website, I'll be using this as a home page. The cover page option is the most ideal setting Squarespace offers you but as far as I know they do not allow you to embed any code anywhere. I've searched a hundred times on how to remove the heading / hide the nav bar and no ones code seems to work. I'm using the "Heights" template. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You should be able to accomplish what you want. Go to Pages. Click on your cover page. Then click on Video. Click on the </> symbol. Enter your embeded code in the dialog. I've added some pics below to hopefully guide you.

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 1.25.45 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 1.26.51 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 1.27.03 PM.png

Hello I'm Thomas. I've been getting websites up and running for 26 years. I want to help you at whatever level meets your needs, from as little (if you're a DIYer) to as much as you need.

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You can use a regular page and then hide its header and footer using css. 

You need to know the page's collection ID. You can find it by Inspecting the page code and looking at the BODY tag. 



Then insert the collection id after the # in the code below and paste it into your custom css after any other code that may already be there. 

#collection-id-goes-here {
  header.Header, footer.Footer {
      display: none !important;


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