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Can I move a Contact from one mailing list to another?


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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if I can move a contact from one email marketing list to another. I have one list that is my Nurture Sequence, so there's many emails going out to them every few days, and if they become a client, I'd like to remove them from that list to a General Email List. 

Or do I have to do it manually.  Delete them from the Nurture Sequence list and manually write their info in the General email list. 

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Thanks Christyprice for answering my question.    Maybe on day Squarespace can do that, so we don't have to write it out manually. 

You're right, the only way to do this is in Squarespace Campaigns is manually. I've run into the same issue and contacted support. You can't move someone from one list to another, you have to delete from the old list and add to the new list.

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