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We are getting a ton of spam through our Contact Us form (link) - to the tune of 30 emails at a time. We added a ReCaptcha, but that doesn't seem to be helping at all. Is there a way to block an email domain, or something else we can do? I am brand new at this, so go easy on me! Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere - I couldn't find anything when I searched. 



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Hi Katie ~ I'm experiencing the same thing. Did you find a solution, and if so - would you mind sharing?  My searches have also turned up nil in handling it. As a one-woman shop, I'll take all advice.


Thank you! 


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The usual steps to stop spam are to add a Captcha to forms, and avoid showing email addresses on webpages. 

If you have a ‘Captcha’ installed then the spam is being created by hand, not by bots. These are probably low paid humans in another country and so there is not a ‘solution’ to this. Depending on the severity and the way the form is being used, one workaround might be to add a field to the form that automatically logs the IP address of the user’s device. If you find that the spam is always being generated from the same range of IP addresses, you could then take steps to block these from visiting your site. 

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