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Change certain text colour




Ive designed a website geotruckin.co.uk and would like to change 3 lines of text red (service page, bottom 3 lines) without changing the whole design.


Ive found out the only way to do it is through the Advanced settings with coding, however I don't know much about that.


Does anyone have any advice or know how to do it?


Thanks for your help! 🙌



Screenshot 2019-10-22 at 20.07.44.png

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Sure thing. Insert the following via the CSS Editor:

#block-yui_3_17_2_29_1458571213353_7660 .sqs-block-content > *:nth-last-child(-n+4) {
  color: red;

It uses the Squarespace block ID, and targets the last 4 elements that are direct children of the block's content. Note that this targets the last 4 (not the last 3) because you have an empty paragraph between the first two lines and the last line, for a total of 4 elements. If you were to mess with the text at the end of that text block too much, you'll find the rule will have to be rewritten a bit.


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