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Domain connection issue with Cloudflare

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Hi all, 

Here is my saga:

I'm setting up a new website for a client, migrating from Wordpress to Squarespace (www.slide.com.au). My client originally point me to a company named Digital Pacific for everything DNS. Long story short, these people tell me that it has nothing to do with them but with Cloudflare. My client doesn't have any login details for Cloudflare or has any idea of when or why this was set-up. 

To regain access to the CF account, they ask me to change the nameservers - which I find out out of the blue, are with Netregistry. 

I was able to get  access back to the Coudflare account and made the DNS changes requested by Squarespace in order to connect the domain. Attached is what I see on both end.

The Cloudflare end seem ok but Squarespace is still showing errors. What can I do to solve this? Does this have anything to do with Netregistry?

Thank all.

Screenshot 2019-10-21 16.25.47.png

Screenshot 2019-10-21 16.25.56.png

Screenshot 2019-10-21 16.27.38.png

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Thank you for your answer Colin! All of the items? I did it for the second CNAME and then it was giving me a warning so I didn't dare go ahead. 


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