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Bespoke subscription products

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I have been approached about building a subscription site for a company selling boxes of wine. I would like to use Squarespace, as it is my preferred choice, but am not sure I can achieve what I want to with it. I know people can purchase products, such as bottle or case of wine using the subscription method, but has anyone used it where you offer people the choice to build their own box, ie, select from a number of different varieties. If so, how did you achieve this? They are looking for something like: https://www.plenishdrinks.com/shop/custom-box

Any suggestions gratefully received. I am not a coder, but am used to using other plug-ins.

Thank you.


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I too am looking at creating a subscription plan where customers could select which products they want in order to "build a box."  Ideally they would be prompted to login in each week or month and be shown the "standard" box and then could make substitutions.  Any feedback on this topic would be greatly appreciated!  I am hesitant to upgrade my account until I learn if this is something that can be done or not. 



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