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One website or two?

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Hi! I have an existing page, http://Kathy-o.com  and am starting a line of t-shirts etc. based on some of my art. I've purchased a domain, http://KickinAss.shop  and am trying to decide what my best route would be moving forward. I'm not sure I just want it as part of my Kathy-o page, because the target customer is completely different, and one is more of an e-commerce site. And then again, if I don't need a completely different website, that would be nice too.

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Yo Kathy-o, what's the goal of the Shop? Does it related to you or the Kathy-o brand in any way? I generally think about it in terms of overall brand. If KickinAss relates to Kathy-o, then I would keep them on the same website. If it's a completely separate brand, then keep them separate. I would remove the fact about it being an ecommerce site and focus more on brand. 

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Thanks, Jason. The goal of my shop is to introduce my clothing brand. Not all of my art will be available on my shirts, etc. So, it's not like people who visit my Kathy-o site would say, HEY! I like those flowers so I'm gonna order them on a pillow! 

Kickin'Ass is more of an independent endeavor with my son that has my art on apparel, etc. I'm not famous or anything, so it's not like my name would drive people to the apparel site. 

AND, because I have a history in the advertising and design fields, and am an old hat at branding, I'm thinking the two sites is better. I was just wondering if there was a good reason NOT TO, from more of a building perspective. 


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