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Looking for a Way for Customers to Upload and/or Modify an Image on Squarespace Ecommerce Site?

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I'd like customers to be able to upload and/or modify an image on my squarespace ecommerce site (on the "commerce" premium plan). It's important that it be a customer-friendly experience, and that I be able to make this look like the rest of the site in terms of look and feel (fonts, colors, design, etc.). 

Ideally I'd like the customer to be able to do the following: 

  • Upload an image 
  • Preview an image 
  • Toggle between several different options of images before selecting one (so, probably a single-select or radio button) 
  • Indicate what text is going to go with the image (so, probably a text field) 

I have been looking in the forums, which are always so helpful, for some kind of squarespace integration that would help with this, and so far I haven't found much, but I'm hoping that some of you might have ideas I haven't located yet. I did find this, which is old but might still be relevant? 


It references wufoo, but I don't know if I can use that for what I'm describing above - and I also don't know if what I'm describing above is realistic with squarespace right now. 

more about wufoo integration here: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206544887 

Thanks in advance for any ideas you can offer! 


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Hi there. Here are a few questions/considerations for you as you look for a solution (or end up pursuing a custom-developed solution):

  1. Is the user-submitted information intended to go to a human being who then performs some manual actions with the information? Or, is the information intended to cause an automatic change of content somewhere on the website without any human intervention?
  2. Does the user need to be able to come back at a later time/date and edit their submission?
  3. Is uploading an image required, or optional?
  4. Can a user upload multiple images or just one? I multiple, what's the limit? Once uploaded, can they delete/change the image(s)?
  5. Regarding "Toggle between several different options of images before selecting one", is the user-uploaded image(s) included in this selection of images?
  6. Where does this selection of images come from (data source)?
  7. Do you envision the bullets you've mentioned as "steps" in a process, or do you envision them as all on a single page? If separate steps, can a user "travel" back and forth between the steps? Do you have a wireframe that gives an idea of form and function as you envision it?
  8. Are there restrictions with regards to who can access the form? How does a user get to the page/form in question?
  9. What's the "lifespan" of user-uploaded images? Are they purged by human intervention or can deletion be dictated by a set timeline?
  10. How many submissions would you estimate this form would handle per month? Does it vary greatly?
  11. Does the site need to work on mobile devices (iOS/Android) or is this a corporate setting or other setting where you can dictate desktop-only?
  12. When a user uploads an image, what file sources should be available to them? Local/system files only, or other services such as Facebook, Google Drive, or other cloud storage services/social-media?
  13. What file formats do you accept and what's the anticipated file size of the images?
  14. What text formatting options are available for the text component? Is there a character limit, etc.?
  15. Who and how many people are to be notified when a submission occurs?

I hope that's helpful and not overwhelming. Of course, if you went with an existing service, some of these would be dictated for you based on the limitations of said service. If you ended up having it custom coded by a developer, these are some of the questions that would come up (off the top of my own developer brain). Generally speaking, and depending on how integrated this needs to be in terms of e-commerce process and integration with Squarespace's own internal workings, it is realistic to execute within Squarespace. But certain answers to any of the questions above could indeed quickly disqualify Squarespace as a good fit.


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Hi Brandon,

I'm searching the forum for similar answers, and stumbled upon this. 

I have a business that makes custom pet stickers. We use customer submitted photos to generate drawings. Upon ordering, ideally, the customer would submit a photo for me to use as a reference. Are there any third party platforms that I could use to embed an upload feature onto my site? I'm just not sure how to even search for one, to be honest. Looking for any help I can find.

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