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Version 7.1 template (unknown) - how to customise and make amendments

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Ours is a Version 7.1 template, and we don't know what template it is - can't find anything on the website - appears to be taken down. 

We want to be able to make the following changes:

- Change logo image (colour) for different pages

- Change background colours and fonts for different pages

- Change Nav menu items font to a font that we have uploaded to the site. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated - or advice whether to switch to 7.0 version.

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It looks like you have to do all style changes in the editor now on 7.1.   If you actually want a complete template you have to downgrade to version 7.0 by starting a whole new site.  Otherwise you can adjust each setting, fonts, colors buttons etc one by one to get the look you want.   Seems like a big mistake on the part of Squarespace to change this,  a great feature was being able to pull in a template that you like and tweak things.

I bought an annual plan, want to use 7.0 but am stuck as they wont refund the annual plan after 14 days. . . . not happy

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You will need to use custom code to solve (1) & (2)

With (3) I'm not sure SS has that option, but custom code can also handle.

If you can share site url, i can take a look.

If you search Google with keywords "your problem - answers.squarespace.com", you will find some solutions.

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You can send your question to my email to get faster answer.

How to Setup Password & Share URL  Squarespace Customer Care

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@tuanphan Unfortunately our website is not live yet and I don't think I can share it at present. 

There is code in the below forum discussion which works for others but I'm not sure what steps to take - are you able to explain this to me?

Any help much appreciated!

Our template is the Cath Quincy one:



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@tuanphan don't worry, I figured it out.

Below for others 🙂

Main thing to do is to find the CollectionID for the specific page you want to change the logo for in View Page Source and replace the blue text below with your unique ID. Then insert this code into the Advanced settings  - Page header code injection.

#collection-5da087964487bb406dce3057 .header-title-logo img {
  -webkit-filter: invert(100%);
  filter: invert(1);

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