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Squarespace not passing email address to Stripe

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I'm using Stripe to process payments through my SQS site and for some reason, Stripe isn't receiving email addresses in the charge data. My research to this point suggests that email is a standard data point with charges. Is there a setting in SQS that I'm missing or have wrongly configured that would be blocking the transmission of the email address after checkout?

This is a big problem because I'm using Zapier to connect Stripe to my marketing automation system that fulfills orders via email.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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The email address is usually included in the payment description, for example "Charge for test@example.com". I don't believe the customer field will include the email address separately.

This is something that you'll want to discuss with Squarespace Customer Care as the community cannot logon to your site to troubleshoot issues. You can reach out to Squarespace here.

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I think it's more to do with data protection stand point so you don't have customer data scattered around various different places. In the EU from a GDPR perspective this makes life much easier as it's one less data point to worry about but I can understand how it can be frustrating in your situation.

I'm not really sure what would be involved to pass the email address onto your marketing system but you can pass on the email address quite easily from the tags available in the order confirmation page code injector. 


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@jsummerhays46 I had the same issue.  Annoying that orders aren't send through to Zapier so I used Stripe to get around the SquareSpace feature gap. I use Zapier to remove "Charge for" so I can send the email to Marketo.  SquareSpace if you are listening, can you please solve the root issue. 

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@Csoodeen and @Maiga I took @TimBig's notes about Zapier and figured out what he was talking about.  In my situation I wanted to send an email address from Stripe to ActiveCampaign.  Of course I was able to connect those two but because Squarespace doesn't send the email address to Stripe except in that frustrating "Charge for (email address)" under Description, it wasn't working.  Adding a Formatter step through Zapier solved this problem.  The Zapier Formatter is described as: "Change how incoming data is formatted for later steps."

I put it directly between my Stripe trigger and my ActiveCampaign action.  When you click the plus to add this action, Formatter is in orange in the top row, on the far right, under the heading of "Helpers." As you get it set up, choose "Text" under "Action Event", then under Customize Text and Transform, select "Extract email address." Under Values and Input you need to find that Description line that it's pulling from Stripe "Charge for (email address)." Once I did this, it was successful in pulling out just the email address from this line and the rest of my Zap worked the way it was supposed to, by delivering that email address to an automation I had set up in ActiveCampaign.

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Hi all ☀️👋!

Can’t you just take the information from the fulfilled Squarespace orders🤔? There is this Integromat template that does exactly that. Integromat watches for completed orders in Squarespace and adds the customer’s details to ActiveCampaign as contacts.

Full disclosure: I work for Integromat. I also love the product very much and believe it offers solutions to many, many issues 🙏


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