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Help With Banner Content

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I was wondering if anyone might have any help with how you would go about creating content similar to the screenshot below on a banner image or just below it. Including the different colour backgrounds how it all fits together tightly in a row. I can't see any obvious blocks that I would use to create this?

Any help much appreciated.



Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 13.44.07.png

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Thanks for the suggestion, not quite sure how it would be created with the markdown block as it looks like it's got buttons integrated too? I was worried that it might have to include custom css, I have no experience with this. Are there any easy to follow squarespace oriented tutorials about doing custom css for various things with examples?

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You can use html in markdown blocks. 

It would be your best option if your site is on a Personal Plan because Code Blocks are a "Premium" Feature

There are lots of coding  tutorials and examples out there on the web but I don't know of any free resources specifically related to css for Squarespace. 

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