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Project Description Won't Display



I am using a Portfolio Overlay Grid on 7.1.

On hover, it displays the project name but not the project description. I can't even find where to add a project description.

What I am looking for is a small excerpt to sit under the project title on hover.


Project name
This is a small description
about the project.


P.S I am still on the Squarespace trial.

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Hi @scubascuba. In most cases, it makes it easier for others to provide answers and insight if you provide a link to the site/page in question, along with the view-only password (for sites in trial mode, set visibility to "Password Protected"). Someone may have an answer without looking, and it's possible someone may setup their own demo just to help answer the question, but it increases your odds of getting quality answers if you can provide the link.

If a response helped you out, send a 'Like' 👍 (bottom-right) and/or 'Upvote' vote.jpg.c260784ece77aec852b0e3049c77a607.jpg (top-left)

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I have also come across this issue with portfolio project descriptions.

In the portfolio settings, there is an option to 'Show Description' -- for Grid Overlay and Grid Simple. However, I cannot find anywhere to edit the description of a Project, such that it would be displayed here. The only place I can find to edit anything like a description in a project, is in the SEO sections of the project settings, where there is an 'SEO Description' field. However, text entered here does not display in the portfolio.

If someone knows how to set a description for a Project, please do enlighten us.

You can see the protfolio in question here: https://artemis-college.squarespace.com/staff-crew (password: beetroot)

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