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Disabling page title/description sidebar in Flatiron

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Hi, I'm a complete novice with Squarespace.

I'm using Flatiron and pages have a kind of sidebar along the left which contains the page title and description. I'd like to remove this so that my content can be full width, but can't work out what this is called (I'm aware actual sidebars are a different thing) and how to remove it.

I want to use Flatiron because I like the design of the home page and it doesn't seem like you can get the same layout with a different template. I'm hoping it doesn't involve coding as I am very bad at this. Is this just something that can't be disabled in Flatiron?

Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 21.20.43.png

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I see, thank you. So are my only options to use custom code or a different template altogether?

Here is my URL:

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