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Acuity Scheduling reporting export file

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I have been a client of Acuity since the beginning of the year. Love using the software and so do my clients. As a previous client of Mind Body Online I find Acuity to be a very close second.

However one very simple intuitive thing that is missing and makes (what should be a simple export of collected data to complete my books) a laborious task of work arounds and extra steps of "labeling".

After each appointment, I close it out with notes for that appointment and record the method of payment. However when I run a report I only see that the appointment was paid, no info on how it was paid despite the fact that this info is collected in the software. Surely this is a simple code/format in the backend coding?

Everytime I raise this with Acuity support team i get a very polite. "I have passed you request on to the development team but can't guarantee anything"

Why is this so difficult? a small change that will benefit all customers of Acuity.

In a world of functionality and usability, this is where this (otherwise) fantastic software, falls flat on its face  


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