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Email campaign export list

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Hi there, I have recently sent out my first Squarespace email campaign. I imported a list from our company database. Now that the campaign is sent, I exported my mailing list our of Squarespace and it generated three files 'subscribed' 'cleaned' and 'unsubscribed'. I am trying to figure out whether the 'cleaned' list are all the BAD contacts (ie old or undeliverable) or whether these are the GOOD contacts. And therefore to get my latest GOOD list do I just use the cleaned file, or do I have to manually remove all of the 'cleaned' contacts from the 'subscribed' contacts. 

If anyone knows the answer to this it would be much appreciated! 

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Hi @LisaC,

The short answer is that the SUBSCRIBED list has your good contacts.
UNSUBSCRIBED is (obviously) the people that have unsubscribed.
CLEANED is a list of emails Squarespace automatically removed because they were undeliverable and bounced back.

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