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Overriding alt font colors on background image

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I'm using the Impact theme and have added a very light background image in one section. I have set my alternative colors to lighter choices as this is what I will need for the majority of the site, but for this particular section I would like to use my original darker color. Is there a way to override this alt color for my H3, but only on this particular section of the site?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

** Pic of the affected white H3 in attached. Domain is https://parrot-rabbit-m3m9.squarespace.com/ 

Screenshot 2019-10-06 at 11.41.11.png

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If this section is part of an Index, you can target that specific section with Custom CSS using the unique `id` Squarespace assigns to the section. The `id` is based on the name of the page. Your site visibility is set to private, so nobody in the community can view the site unless you assign and share a password. Your custom css would look something like this:

#page-section-name {
  h3 { color: initial; }


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Thanks @e2astudio - I have tried your suggested CSS but either I am doing something incorrect or its not working...

In the page settings, I entered the following in the Advanced section:

#coaching-readiness {
  h3 { color: 345746; }

Any ideas why it's not taking? 

You can now view the page using password SS123. Thanks!

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