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Indexing site and Google Search Console errors

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I am trying to index my site, but when I try to do a URL inspection on the Google Search Console I get the following error:

No: 'noindex' detected in 'robots' meta tag

How do I remove the ‘noindex’?

I do not have any Code Injection.


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Yes, i have faced the same issues for one of my client website.

I removed with the help of my developer, 

Check page source of the website and search for "noindex"

if you found noindex in page source, then hire any developer to remove it.

you are using wordpress???

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Hi @Ella123456

The errors you're seeing in Google Search Console most likely are related with a difference between how Squarespace blocks internal and duplicate content and Google's preferences. We've got a guide that explains how and why Squarespace blocks such content here:

Understanding Google SEO emails and console errors

Usually you don't need to take any action and can disregard any of these types of errors from Google moving forward.

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