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Double vertical scrollbar - York Template

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Hi Squarespace team,

Could you remove the double vertical scrollbar that magically appears on York template without making any change to my portfolio.

For community check, the issue appears essentially on Google Chrome.

https://www.squarespace.com/templates/ On the official "Squarespace templates" page choose York template in Popular Designs then Preview York (reference to my screenshot below).

The same issue showed up on my professional Squarespace portfolio and needs to be removed:https://www.itsanthonymeric.com/

I prefer to ask here before asking for solutions on Twitter about this issue.

Thanks for your help!

alt text

alt text



I'm a Motion Designer working in NYC

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Thanks for the answer @tuanphan but while I was trying the same css earlier, it looks like this custom css removes the 2nd scroll, but generate another issue and removes the bottom of each page as well, especially the index page name of the template.

I have attached 2 screens, with and without this custom CSS. You can see with this CSS the bottom of my page disappear.

alt textalt text



I'm a Motion Designer working in NYC

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Thanks @tuanphan

With this new CSS, we can see black gaps on the side of my work covers (1st screen attached) and the bottom of each page with the names is still not visible (2nd screen attached).

Another thing I have observed is the York template is trying to force the second scroll when each page is loading.I'm wondering if it's possible to load the page with only one scroll like it was before? It looks like the issue is due to a Squarespace update on the templates.

Thanks for our help

alt text

alt text



I'm a Motion Designer working in NYC

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It looks like it's an issue on the Squarespace York template itself. Using the most used browser Google Chrome, you can see the double scroll issue on the official "Squarespace templates" page as well (screen below).

So far it looks like there is no clean fix from the Squarespace team to remove this issue from their template.

alt text


I'm a Motion Designer working in NYC

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Official support answer I received yesterday:

"Sorry to hear about this behaviour you're seeing with your York template. On further investigation it looks like this due to an issue with the York template when viewed on desktop Mac devices, when the scroll bar option is stet to 'Always' enabled within System Preferences > General > Show scroll bars.

For the time being, you can set your Mac to show the scroll bar either "when scrolling" or "automatically based on mouse or trackpad." This should clear up the issue with the double scroll bar.

I've made a record of this case for our Engineering and Design teams to review. That being said, there are many moving parts and variables that we need to address before we roll out a solution. We thoroughly test all fixes before they’re released to ensure they don’t affect other Squarespace components or customers.

As a result of these variables, we can’t guarantee how long it will take to fix issues like these and we may not be able to personally follow-up on cases like this when the issue is resolved. With that said, I want to thank you again for reporting this issue to us so our engineers can examine the problem in more detail.

If you come across any other unusual behavior in the meantime, please let us know. We're here to help."

TLDR: Don't use York for now. Awesome.

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@sylgar thanks for sharing your answer. Do you have a link of your issue?

To follow up on the support answer: Obviously we already know this specific issue is on the York template.Also it's not only an issue on desktop Mac devices, I am on PC...I don't think it is an acceptable answer from the Squarespace support, and honestly I'm not sure I want to continue paying $260/year for using a template when issues appears magically through time without making any personal change to the portfolio.

I'm a Motion Designer working in NYC

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I'm having the exact same problem too that happened about 2 weeks ago, however I'm using the 'Jasper' template. Adding the custom CSS that people have suggested fixes the double scroll bar issue on desktop, but causes the bottom footer of my page to disappear. I've also noticed that the scroll bar does not refresh back up to the top of the page when I go to a different page on the site.

The scrolling on mobile is also slower and choppier..

Glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem...everything was great for like a year too before this.

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Need to a a portfolio up this weekend and just signed up for a year of Squarespace, and then I run into this issue...

It's not only the double scrollbar, but the entire page laggs when trying to scroll...

Guess I have to find another template which feels quite stressful and disappointing :(

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heya @anthonymeric, this is a bit of a hacky solution but i found that it worked for me! add to your custom CSS:

.overflow-wrapper {
 overflow-y: hidden;
#site {
 padding-bottom: 20px !important;

definitely annoying that this seemingly was a squarespace template update and caused broken sites for so many people... i noticed it on someone else's site, and then returned to mine and saw it was a pattern :(

anyway hope this solution works for you too!

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Hey @gretchenkeillor

Thanks a lot for your post and your hacky solution :) It looks like it is the best so far and seems to work correctly for me as well!

It is definitely a shame that Squarespace update the templates with issues without coming up with solutions, not quite "professional" with the amount of creatives and professional businesses concerned by these issues, especially since there is plenty of other solutions out there.

Anyway, thanks for your help!

I'm a Motion Designer working in NYC

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