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Hello!I'm having a really difficult time styling the events page as nothing seems to be responding except the type of text. This is what I have and here is a link. My questions are:

  1. Can I style the "request a quote" button only?
  2. Why is the second name ("Devon") center-aligned, while the first is not? --see picture attached
  3. Can I have the thumbnails slightly smaller on mobile view?
  4. Targeting the "Request a Quote" form for in-line

alt text


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@tuanphan thank you so much, your answer worked for the button styling!

To fix the second heading, I just had to insert a text-align: left !important code into my css for eventlist title. However I'm still wondering if we can add a media query to make the thumbnail images (for events only) smaller on mobile view? Also is there a way to style the individual event pages? I'm unsure of the marker, as


is not tagged properly (regarding individual event urls). Hoping you can assist!

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