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Template advice sought: looking for something that looks like AVENUE but...


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AVENUE does not allow me, as far as I can see, to style the DESCRIPTION text beyond simple BOLD, ITAL etc. I'd like to be able to add colored text and to display small images. I'm using GALLERY PAGES. I'd also like to have heading styles available.

  1. Is there a similar template (all images on homepage, small) and individual gallery pages (large image with DESCRIPTION) that provides the enhancements I mentioned above (text styles/sizes and colors, small image display within text)?
  2. Or... is there a way for me to enhance the right column that I can do myself by modifying the template? (I am a designer with only light-to-moderate coding skills.) As far as I can see, Markdown blocks are not an option within a GALLERY page DESCRIPTION. Am I misunderstanding the "limitations" of AVENUE? What about CODE INJECTION?
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OK I've come up with a way to do this, but, since it involves code injection, i'm wondering if this will unleash havoc on my site at some later date:

Created new blank page (not a gallery page). In the main text area, I built (via code injection) a simple HTML table, 3 cells in one row. First cell is for image; second is a spacer; third is for text. I'm controlling the widths with percentages. This allows me to use HTML text style tags (H1, H2 etc), links, and images in the right column. (This column was for "description" in AVENUE, and had little in the way of text styling.)

Any thoughts? Is this a risky approach?

You can view the test page by clicking on the very last square in the grid on this page.

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