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Change text for mobile view


I have a vertical line in my text to break it up. It looks fine on desktop but on mobile the line breaks right after the vertical line. I'd like to get rid of the vertical line just for mobile. Is there way to completely change the text from desktop to mobile view? I'm using the brine family template. https://www.stephanieausfresser.com/

On desktop it looks this:
UX/UI Designer | Graphic Designer

On mobile it look like this:
UX/UI Designer |
Graphic Designer

Instead, on mobile I would like it to look like this without the vertical line:
UX/UI Designer
Graphic Designer


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@stephanie25 You can're remove "|"

There are some methods you can use

  1. Add 2 Text "UX/UI Designer | Graphic Designer", 1 show on desktop (hide mobile) and 1 show on mobile (hide desktop). I can send CSS to do it. You just add 2 text

  2. Decrease/Increase font size of UX/..... on Mobile

  3. You can wrap "|" in span tag, and then use CSS to remove "|" on mobile

You want? :-D

UX/UI Designer <span class="kl-verline">|</span> Graphic Designer

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You can send your question to my email to get faster answer.

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@tuanphan Thanks! Adding two texts was a great suggestion. For anyone who needs the code I provided it below:

h2 {text-align:center; font-weight: bold;}

#content-desktop {display: block;}
#content-mobile {display: none;}

@media screen and (max-width: 768px) {
#content-desktop {display: none;}
#content-mobile {display: block;}


<div id="content-desktop">

<div id="content-mobile">


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You can try changing the size of indentation between blocks for mobile, adjusting the block visibility range on different devices, making your own adaptive version using the Zero Block editor, or disabling the website’s responsiveness.

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