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Hey guys,

I'm using the Rally template and one of my pages is just a grid page of thumbnails. When you click on a thumbnail it takes you to a page showing the images and text relating to it. At the bottom of that page id love to be able to see all the existing thumbnails from my main page so my audience can navigate between the thumbnails whilst in a selected page! I hope that makes sense....

Here is what i mean ..... https://avenue-demo.squarespace.com/#/nacht-avenue/ << this shows you the selected post but also all the other project thumbnails underneath.

Does anyone know how to do this in the Rally template? Do i need to embed the grid page somehow - any help would be really amazing!

Thank you in advance! Katie

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Avenue is a very different template than Rally. They work entirely differently and so you can't lift a feature from one easily and use it in the other.

However, you could reproduce something like this with code, by inserting a grid summary block into the footer on these pages, so that the thumbnails appear below the single post. The solution will depend on the site's design. Which page is this for?

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Thank you @Paul2009 that's helpful! I don't have my page live at the moment, I can always send you a screen grab or something? There is a page of thumbnails - when you click on one it just shows you the post image and text and footer underneath - i just wanted to show the thumbnails under the post. :/

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