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Choppy, jumpy mobile scrolling


So I've asked the "Customer Care" team a few times about this issue.

Site scrolls fine on desktop but on mobile it is choppy and jumps up and down as you go by different content.

I've tried experimenting with parallax content on and off and other things, but it still happens. And quite frankly, just turning off parallax wouldn't be a "solution" really.

So the answer I always get is, "We're aware of this, but no ETA on a fix." That's just not acceptable. So I'm posting this to see if anyone has had any success with any hack to improve how jumpy things are on mobile.

We predominantly use Sonora and Mojave templates. Perhaps it isn't as bad on some templates?


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That code injection stopped working for some reason.

We have also tried this in Custom CSS:@media only screen and (max-width: 720px) { figure[style] { transform: initial !important; } }

You can edit 720 to be whatever your breakpoint is. But this also has limited success.

Found another post that says this is due to cutting on fixed navigation in Styles. As a test we have disabled that, and for now that does seem to remove the jumpiness.

So it amazes us Squarespace techs have known about this for at least a year or two and can't figure out how to make mobile scrolling better. I would think it's in their best interest to have sites work great on mobile. No?

Will report back any new findings.

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