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jQuery click event not working sometime



I have created one page and i am sending data to my other site through third party api url on jquery click event , but when i am submitting form my api is not calling.

It's sometime work and sometime not work.

Can you please tell me is anything blocking squarespace ?

I have put my code inside Page Settings -> Advanced.


$(document).on('click', 'target', function () { 
// ajax code here 

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This is because of Ajax - not the Ajax that you want to use in your code, but the Ajax that is built into the newer Squarespace templates.

There are currently two issues:

  • Where the code is located. Code inserted into the Page Settings panel will not load when Ajax is enabled, unless the page is opened directly or refreshed. Code should be added to the Footer Injection or to a Code Block.

  • The code itself.


    will only fire on a load of the full page, not an Ajax load. You need to trigger a function using Squarespace's onInitialize or mercury:load instead.

For a longer explanation of Ajax (that may help others who read this) see the guide I wrote here:


I hope that helps.


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Thanks for replay.

So do you mean i have to write code inside Settings->Advance->code-injection ->footer ?

But I have also tried that but same issue.

First time will not work if i am doing hard refresh then its work.

Can you please suggest me what i do ?

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