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G-Suite already already exists

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I have registered my domain. When I attempt to sign up with email and g-suite I get this error message,"A G Suite account already exists on this domain". My domain is hosted at godaddy and says it's connected properly. I have an existing email and g-suite account but I read in the support pages that previous g-suite accounts could not be used. NOt sure where this these me. Please help!!!

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This happened to me once as well. GSuite holds onto accounts from previous domain name owners, so you'll need to contact them to release it. They'll send an email to the admin they have on file for the existing GSuite account, then if they don't hear back in a certain amount of time they will release the account and you can set up yours.

Fill out the form at the link below and let Google know that you are trying to sign up for G Suite on a domain that already has a G Suite account associated with it:

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