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Helping a friend out, Photography website few questions

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I am making a friend who is an awesome photographer a website where she can have her customers:

1-Make appointments for photography sessions, select dates on a calendar, etc.. Whats the best/easiest plug-in or option to do this (Acuity? suggestions?)

2-Be in touch with their clients through the customer account dashboard via messaging or chat. (or is LiveChat my only option?)

3-Have their photography contracts for customer dashboard accessible to them, each customer will have their own contract.

4-be able to deliver the final photos from the sessions through customer accounts safely for them to download.(google drive? suggestions?)

We will use PayTabs as our payment processor, there are no products to sell, just packages to choose from and pay deposit or full fee of the session, I will put her with PayTabs because MadaPay is available locally where she lives and it will be easier for her clients to pay.

5-given all of this, do I need the commerce plan? or will be able to mange through a business plan? what do guys think? is there a plug-in to make customers accounts and dashboards?

6-I need someone to help me make the website similar to SpokenLayer.com, they use SquareSpace but I dont know who can help 99Designs is not that cool looking honestly and their offers were from 400$ (no custom code) to $2500 to $6640, suggestions?

please feel free to link me to other answered threads. I would LOVE it if I can find all the possible plug-ins in one place or a plug-in guide/reviews from real SS users.

I am paying out of pocket of for everything from Square Space subscription to her domain, to all the plugin fees, its a gift, but I would still appreciate low cost suggestions as I dont have a big budget nor does she.

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It's better to post questions individually, rather than in bulk. That said, here are some quick answers. Post separate questions if you require longer answers for any of your points, as it will help others to follow a single thread.

1-Acuity is a great option.

2-There are many solutions, the photographer may already use a tool that they prefer.

3-You'll want to use a CRM tool (not Squarespace) for this. You can embed many of these within a Squarespace site.

4-They'll want to use one of the tools designed for this, such as Pixieset. By using the same domain, it will appear to be on the same website.

5-You cannot use another payment processor like PayTabs with Squarespace.

6-The terms of this forum do not allow you to request paid help.


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