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Can a page be excluded from Squarespace internal site search?

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Is there a way to configure Squarespace's site-wide search (internal, not search engine) so that a visitor does not see results from selected pages that I wish to exclude? These would most likely include normal pages that are inside of an index page or folder.

I know I can use a search block on a page and direct it to search a specific collection, but instead wish to use the header search from Brine to search many pages of the site.

Thanks for any help!

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You can remove certain result types, like images but you cannot exclude selected pages.

This is a long-requested feature but it is sadly not possible yet. You can add your voice to these requests by logging a support ticket with Squarespace Customer Care. You can reach out to them here.


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Thanks Paul,

This is what I had anticipated given the evidence I've found so far.

The pages we wanted to exclude are built with accordion-style markdown blocks that include dozens of listings each which go to external urls or allow a pdf download. A search returned results to one or more of those pages with no marker for where the search terms appear on the page.

Our solution is to build out a page for each individual listing in the accordion-style markdown blocks. Then creatively name the accordion block pages we wanted to exclude from search to hopefully improve the search results. They will appear at the bottom of the results list and then, if clicked, would circle the visitor back to the resource library alphabetical main pages.

Thanks again

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