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Could Squarespace be used to create a site for my book?

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I've been thinking of creating a site for my comic and Squarespace has been recommended to me as a good place to create a website. However it seems that from the options available I can't really do what I want to do on here.

Basically I want a simple site that will allow you to go back and forth through each page of the comic with an index and all that but from whet I've seen that does not really seem to be an option as this site seems more focused on creating blogs and stores.

So I guess I'm asking is it possible to create what I'm after? Is there a simple way of constructing this idea that I've overlooked or is that not something I can really do with this service?

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Try choosing a newer template and create a Blog Page for each comic. Add a post to each comic for each 'page'. If you enable pagination in Site Styles you will have arrows to take visitors between posts (pages). I know you aren't creating a Blog, but a 'Blog Page' is just a container in which you can store many things.

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