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Index to an Index using Carson template

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How can I go from an "index" to an "index" using the carson template. It currently only let's you go from an "index" to a page or gallery. However, I would like for the links on the main index page open up another index page. Is there any workaround using custom code or another way to do this?

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The navigation can include links to Index pages. Instead of trying to drag the index page into the Primary Navigation section, simply add a link to this section and select the index page as a link.

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I have the same question.

Paul, I understand the navigation bar can have many index pages in it but what I would like to do is to use the page titles to connect to other index pages without going through the navigation bar. See attached.

Thank you for your help.


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index pages cannot be added to an index page, a link cannot be put in an index page and neither can a folder be put in an index page. And just fyi, a folder cannot be put in a folder. This is so for any 7.0 template. You might be able to put a layout page with Fashion as the title and link that page to an index page, which could possibly act the way you want it too. I know it will work with two clicks but maybe with some code that can be reduced to one. 

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Thank you for your answer.

Yeah I've tried it all and don't think there is a way of doing it without code.

Is there anybody that can help with some custom code?

Thank you in advance.

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 I think that you might look at a landing/cover page, one that compliments the Carson Template, there you can create a Nav bar that pretty much goes anywhere you want it to. Narrative or Echo, would look good in my opinion as a home page, in front of  both index pages. 

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