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how to start fram scratch in 7.1 with a new template

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Posted (edited)

Hi! I have been searching for answers regarding how to choose another template from scratch in 7.1?

could someone please help.or do I have exterminate my account. :(


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Hi Paul2009

Thanks for your reply.I did what you suggested. But then Squarespace want me to buy a plan. I've already bought The Basic one, a few days ago, now with the wrong Template. Is it still possible to change...

I really need to get my site going now. I believed this was a more easy way than going with the Wordpress one. ( I'm aware Squarespace is not yr business) - Just annoyed.

Tricked by the wrapping it seems. or Is there a way to get it rockin' ¥¥¥

anyone to help?

Side note: Is it really true that I can't find a single email address to reach support? - Wow, I'm paying some company 30$ a month and no Contact.


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You can contact Squarespace Customer Care by using this link. You can chat online (at certain times - usually easiest) or complete the form and they'll email you back.

Version 7.1 doesn't have templates. There's just one configuration and they've created lots of 'starting points' with different content to show what is possible.

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