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How do I verify my squarespace website with my YouTube account?

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Posted (edited)

On my YouTube account it offers the ability to connect my website with my YouTube.In order to do so I need to verify I am me.

My YouTube is http://www.youtube.com/c/karenramel
My squarespace website is: http://www.csmlove.com

YOUTUBE INFO: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/9008080?visit_id=636992871950556658-4278674791&rd=1

I blindly tried the first method which involved uploading a html file which I did by going to my programming site on squarespace, clicking + LINK and navigating to FILE and uploading the FILE. However clicking the verification link on the page didn't acknowledge its location there.

They offer these other methods:

METHOD 1:Recommended: HTML tagAdd a meta tag to your site's home page.1. Copy the meta tag below, and paste it into your site's home page. It should go in the section, before the first section.

Show me an example 2. Click Verify below. To stay verified, don't remove the meta tag, even after verification succeeds.

(I do not know how to add html to a css page area of the header)

METHOD 2:HTML file upload

Upload an HTML file to your site. (TRIED - no luck)

METHOD 3:Domain name provider

Sign in to your domain name provider. (TUCOWS is not listed - think thats it)

METHOD 4:Google Analytics

Use your Google Analytics account. (?)

METHOD 5:Google Tag Manager

Use your Google Tag Manager account. (?)

This site and its css is super new to me - I'm old school html. Please can someone assist?Thank you k

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I am a dental professional creating a hobby website/blog to share my love of the circular sock knitting machine.

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