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Customising a Product

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Hi,I manage a Squarespace shop selling picture frames. I want to add an option for the customer to add custom width, height, and thickness through text input fields. These are not ready-made so product variants cannot be used. I tried to add the fields via javascript but the problem is I don't know how to update product prices based on input and store the values for processing orders. So would like to know is it possible to do and if so some help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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@thysquarespace this can be done by adding a form to each product to collect additional information from the customer before the product "adds to cart" you can add your own fields in a variety of different formats to collect what you need to create the custom frame.

See Below:

alt text

alt text



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Thank you @AmariC05 But the issues with using form is, it cannot update the price based on what the user inputs. This is more like a customisable product, so need to change the product price according to what user inputs.

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I had the same question and when I emailed the support team, I go the same response and "we will suggest it to the development team". It's extremely frustrating (as are most of the issues I am discovering with their e-commerce) because it's a common field/option.

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You possibly could use the store as a way for them to request a quote. Set the price to $0 and then use the form as the way for them to give you the dimensions they need and then you could send them a quote? Just an idea, it might be a little extra work in the end, but it could be a solution!

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