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How do I change the confirmation mail for the newsletter subscription?

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Hello you smart people out there,I use Mailerlite as my newsletter app. Unfortunatelly, squarespace and mailerlite both send out a confirmation mails.I would like to have a warm, friendly confirmation mail. How I can change the settings of the confirmation space in squarespace? To either be not send out at all or change the wording at least. Very thankful for every idea.

And I am using the Brine Template.

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I too am also look for a way to either turn off confirm subscription, or at least a way to make the email customised! This is the number one reason at the moment I am still using Mailchimp on not SS, I'd much rather use SS as it's more stream lined, but it needs a few more features adding! Also there needs to be a way of getting First Name and Last Name added to newsletter sign ups on cover pages, really can not see the reason why you can have this option on the website its self, but not cover pages! Makes no sense, and a fix would be great.

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