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How do I make a custom pricing list with total price list for my photography/videography?

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Hi all,

This is my first post on here!I am a photographer/videographer and I would like to start displaying my prices on my website.I came across this website and was wondering if a similar style pricing is possible on squarespace.https://www.louiseshrigley.co.uk/prices/

I am mainly interested the option of having the total price displayed when customers select the options they are after. I don't necessarily want customers to pay there and then as the pricing is just for displaying purposes.

Thanks in advance :)

Jan Willem

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The site above is a WordPress site and uses a WordPress-specific plugin.

However, you can do this on Squarespace in two ways. The first (cheapest and easiest) is to use a third party forms service like TypeForm or JotForm. You can embed one of these on a Squarespace site using a Code Block.

These services generally have a cost calculator module that can allow you to build interactive forms. You'll find a demo here, and you don't need to build in the purchase element - it's just a demo.

If you really need a custom solution that the third party forms can't provide, a Squarespace Developer could build it for you using JavaScript. Obviously this is bespoke and therefore costs more to build, but shouldn't have ongoing monthly charges.

Let me know how you get on.


Squarespace Expert & Professional Developer

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