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Adding share buttons to blog with Hyde Template

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Hi all,

Is it possible to add social media share buttons as a block to the top of the blog? I only see the option in the marketing design section, and it automatically drops them at the bottom by the comments. Are there more options to add, say a custom Facebook share button at top ?


Thanks in advance.

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Hey @enokithreads!

There are a couple of options here depending on what you want to do specifically. If you just want to have that share block appear at the top of your content, you can add the following Custom CSS code:

article.BlogItem .BlogItem-share {
 order: 0;

...Or if you want to do something more custom, and are on a Premium plan, check out the info at this link:


While that's about a Facebook Like button specifically, they're all handled pretty much the same way.

Have a good day!


I'm a long-time developer who currently owns and runs SavvyStoreSolutions.com where I help people with their Shopify, Squarespace, and other eCommerce sites.

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