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SEO performance across my blogs/google search words

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Hey all, So for the expert SEO people, I have a question. I feel like I tick the boxes when it comes to a SEO checklist when i write and post my travel blogs. However, on my google search words I have a heap of impressions on 1 blog (https://www.aussieoutbound.com/blog/how-to-get-to-trolltunga-trolls-tongue) and i can see my ranking on google and what page I'm on etc. As for my other more popular blogs that get traffic from direct sources where its been shared and posted (https://www.aussieoutbound.com/blog/iceland-ring-road-itinerary),I have no impressions or stats on google search words. So my question is, why does my google search words stats only have stats showing up from only 1 blog? Am i missing something. Its just strange that all the search words and phrases are coming from 1 blog.Any help at all to get some of my blogs visible would be fab :) Thanks

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At first glance, it looks like one blog is clearly a "how to" type of a post with handy tips. The other one is more of a travel journal with an itinerary.

So it would make more sense for Google to serve your "how to" blog more times because it provides a value for a larger amount of people. Why? Because more people search for "how to..." things than for the specific words.

This is just a peripheral analysis though. Deeper SEO and search keyword analysis would be able to illustrate it better.

Hope this helps a little.Tom

I'm a web coach and business consultant with about 20 years of experience in web site development. I help my clients with Squarespace, Wordpress or custom websites.

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