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Why is this showing up on our homepage?

We did not code that. We use an index page for our homepage with subpages. We even tried making all the subpages visible in the SEO tab, but the noindex remains.

Google says it can't index the homepage because it is set to noindex by Squarespace.

Any ideas?

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Squarespace Support wrote us saying if you have a homepage as an index it automatically will be marked as noindex and you can't change it. We thought that sounded insane that your homepage can't be picked up by Google, especially since we modified the Sonora template and in that source code it doesn't show noindex.

So we created a new Home index, set it as the homepage and dragged the subpages from the old Home index with the noindex code. Once we did that the new Home index no longer showed noindex in the source code!

We're asking Squarespace to refresh the sitemap. We also went to Google Search console and manually indexed it under URL Inspection. It now sees the page and has it scheduled. Hooray!

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You shouldn't need to create a new Home index to get around this issue. All you need to do is add <meta name="robots" content="index,follow"> to the header of the page with code injection. Note that this won't work (at least it didn't in my case) if you do the code injection globally, it needs to be done on the specific page you want to index.

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