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Does SS Have Equivalent To Joomla's "Featured Article?"


Hi,I started a "Business Basic" account to test SS as a replacement for our Joomla site I've been maintaining for the past 6 years. I'm stumped on how to do an equivalent to Joomla's "Featured Article" feature.

Here is what "Featured Article" does in Joomla:

  1. Create an article, say "Growing Broccoli" and assign it to a drop-down menu, say "Growing Vegetables." That article is now always available in that drop-down list and also the site search.

  2. Since it is a fresh, new article, I want it to also appear on the front page, so I just check/tick the "Featured Article" box associated with that article and that article will also appear on the front page. The "Featured Articles" on the front page are arranged by "publish date" so that the most recent articles are at the top of the page and the older ones are pushed down the page.

  3. Optionally, an article can have a "Start Publishing" date and a "Finish Publishing" date so that I can schedule existing articles to appear and disappear from the front page.

I've been told that this function is not part of SS and that I would need 2 copies of each article -one for the drop-down menu list, and one for the front page.

SS seems pretty full-featured, so how is this done?

--Thanks for the help!

PS Sorry for the poor "Topics" entered to post this message. I don't understand why the topics that are relevant to this post were not accepted. No list of acceptable topics to choose from was provided...

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Squarespace has a 'Featured Posts' function to highlight blog posts you want to bring to your visitor's attention. You can display featured posts using a Summary Block.

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